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The Dharana Method Certified Meditation Teacher 100-Hour© certification is right for you if you want to...

  • Establish or deepen your personal meditation practice

  • Learn additional modalities for emotional and physical health and healing

  • Complement your current occupation and grow clientele with your expanded offerings

  • Begin a career teaching meditation; showing others the tools to heal themselves

  • Be proactive about the rising popularity and thousands of jobs in in the $1 Billion Meditation industry

  • Complete Yoga Alliance continuing education hours!

  • Be a part of a tight-knit, new "family" of fellow meditators who support and collaborate with you along your journey, and well afterward!

This certification is NOT right for you if...

  • You are an extremely disciplined and already certified meditator, or an ordained disciple, Dharma leader, or Meditation Teacher Trainer.

  • You do not believe you can improve your life

  • You are not open to modalities of healing outside of Western medicine (although Western science actually approves of our meditation!)

  • You are unwilling to dedicate a portion of your day to a meditation practice 


“I'm currently in the summer certification class & it is worth every penny. You'll learn so much, your mind will be opened & you'll make new friends. Plus, Amanda Jones is a awesome!”


“Grateful for this class and the most darling souls in it. Thank you so much for opening up and sharing every week, I feel as though it will enable each of us to blossom into beautiful lively beings! I feel colorful energy from each person in this class. The TLC is incomparable to anything else I've been a part of. Also, thank you to our AMAZING instructor/teacher! You are an inspiration to me and I truly know you are meant to help people with all your wisdom and insight. I can't imagine life without you helping me to better mine, nor do I want to. You will never know how much you've genuinely helped me. You mean the world to me Amanda!”

- Melanie

"BEST CLASS I HAVE EVER TAKEN. Hands down. Amanda, you are a gift to this world. An absolute light. I am beyond grateful and forever changed because of your class. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."
"This technique is more effective than therapy because it immediately and directly connects you to your true self. Thrilled I get to learn from trailblazers like Amanda." 
-Em, Licensed therapist
"It was 2 months ago that you literally saved my life, I thank you for being there that day you truly are a angel not only to me but to everyone that meets you, thank you again for being my angel. You are amazing; a blessing."
"I can breathe again, and my back feels better!" 
"I never post selfies because I'm too self-conscious, but {after the session} I just posted a video of me with my granddaughter!"
"Your class changed my life!"
"Thank you, Amanda! This class really has changed my outlook on life and you've taught me some great lessons! I learned so many new things and tools that I will continue to use the rest of my life."
"I love the way my body and mind seem to harmonize when I implement technics that we have learned in meditation; it takes my experience to an entirely higher level of gratification. I’m so grateful for your meditation class and everything I have learned while taking it.

Become certified in The Dharana Method©

This convenient, 12-week course is the most comprehensive and affordable meditation certificate currently available to secular teachers. Grow your own compassion, focus, peace and wisdom. 

The Dharana Method includes many forms of meditation, including Mantra, walking, visual and sound meditation - just to name a few!  

Students will develop a regular meditation practice; learning various forms of meditation, as well as their benefits and uses. Students will be able to recite meditation history, including prominent gurus and their teachings. Students will also learn to observe and heal their own negative emotions and habits, in order to help future clients with theirs. Students will then learn elements of a healthy, low-stress lifestyle in order to coach clients, as well as implement them in their own lives. Students will also memorize mantras, chakras and tenets of Ayurveda so that they may be able to give future clients comprehensive tools for sustainable peace and happiness.

100 hours of Certification breakdown

12 contact hours with lead trainer - 12 60-minute classes (we meet on the Zoom Meeting app, as well as in-person in the Salt Lake Valley; whichever suits your schedule)

84 non-contact hours - 1 hour a day of assigned home study (meditation, mindfulness, reading)

1 non-contact hour - Attend one outside-of-class Meditation-related experience and submit a journal entry.

2 practicum hours (non-contact hour) - Volunteer to lead two meditation classes to a group or individual outside of class. Submit a journal entry on each experience

1 contact hour - One live Q&A session with lead trainer

1 retreat, done outside of class, to be pre-approved by instructor (non-contact hours) - Journal entry to be turned in afterward. **Other options to fulfill this requirement - i.e. applicable past retreats, workshops or reading an additional book - can be arranged with the teacher in writing.

Total - 13 Contact Hours, 87 non-contact hours (2 practicum hours)

Contact hours MUST be made up with an approved trainer, arranged in writing with lead trainer.

*See contact vs non-contact hours below.

Course Content

✔️ History of Meditation, including The Vedas & Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

✔️ The principles behind Meditation and Mindfulness

✔️ What is Mindfulness, and how can it change your life?

✔️ The scientific benefits of meditation and mindfulness

✔️ Breathing and Posture of meditation

✔️ The Dharana Method™ of meditation, and why focus-based meditation works

✔️ Mantra meditation

✔️ Chakra meditation

✔️ Sound meditation, including how to use bells and bowls

✔️ Visual meditation

✔️ Moving meditation

✔️ How to discover and re-frame limiting beliefs, set powerful intentions and attract abundance

✔️ Introduction to the "perfect health" science of Ayurveda (students will be trained to suggest meditations based on dominant doshas, as well as refer clients to Ayurvedic resources for healing)

✔️ Best practices of teaching classes, and meeting with clients

✔️ The business and ethics of teaching meditation

FAQ's about The Dharana Method© certification

How much does it cost? - $750, to cover our costs, contribute to our favorite causes, and engage in ongoing training, support and events for our graduates. I highly recommend Jon Kabat-Zinn's Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction certification ($9,000) or Deepak Chopra's Primordial Sound Meditation certification ($5800) because they are both wonderful techniques (and teachers of mine)! But my cost is low because I intend to train as many people as possible to start awakening the public consciousness, NOW.
**Payment plans are available! I don't want finances to stop you from receiving this training. Just email me.

What happens when I finish the course? - You receive your Dharana Method certificate, registering you as a Certified Meditation Teacher - 100-hour (CMT-100hr), which will satisfy credentialing requirements at corporate, academic and private institutions, as well as for your own meditation instruction practice and/or business. You will have been certified through The Dharana Method, which is an Approved Training Provider of the International Institute of Complementary Therapists.

What's so special about the Dharana Method? - You can find out more about the focus-based meditation method here, and by experiencing it in a private session or in this certification course.

Why choose this certification, over others?  - Despite the wonderful classes and trainings available on the internet and in our community, I've noticed they all lacked a little bit of one thing. Some were very educational, but didn't apply the concepts to modern life. Some didn't teach the business and liabilities of meditation, while others didn't teach all the additional therapies that complement meditation. So, I created this course which includes all of the above AND has a low cost. You can scroll down to read what my students have said about this method.


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Course Standards Definitions

• Certified Meditation Teacher, 100-Hour (CMT 100-HR) - A person who has completed The Dharana Method's 100 contact hours and 2 practicum hours which include, but are not limited to, teaching methodology, philosophy, history, ethics and business, regarding meditation.*
*See Course Content below.

  • Hours - One hour equals 60 minutes. Time allocated for meals, or for breaks longer than 10 minutes, does not count as program hours. 

  • Contact Hour - Contact Hours’ instructional content must be intended for teacher trainees rather than the general public, specifically:

    • The content of these hours advances the education of trainees as demonstrated explicitly through the course syllabus and its learning objectives.

    • These hours fall into the normal content flow of the overall training entailing discussion, reports submitted by trainees on their experiences, related homework, projects, or the like. 

    • Approved faculty member is present

    • Non-contact hours are pre-approved workshops, webinars, retreats and books that are not written into course content, but are applicable to teaching meditation. Non-contact hours may be used to makeup contact hours if arranged in writing with lead trainer.

See our complete policies here.