One-on-One Coaching Session(s)

One-on-One Coaching Session(s)

from 150.00

One-on-One Coaching | Total Wellness

This is for anyone who needs a firm place to start (or start over!) with their wellbeing, while being personally guided and supported with expertise, love and care. Perfect for those going through transition, hardship, or simply looking to finally live the life for which they're destined.

We meet in-person or virtually via Zoom Meeting, where I deeply listen to get to know all about your lifestyle and wellbeing, and complete other assessments.

Areas of Enrichment

Body | Custom Yoga Plan, Ayurveda Assessment & Plan, Self-Care Coaching, Detox/Cleanse Supplies/Coaching

Mind | Regulating Emotions, Mindful Communication, Improving Relationships, Dealing with Hardship, Re-framing Limiting Beliefs

Spirit | Personal Meditation Instruction and Lessons, Desires & Manifestation, Spiritual Progress Coaching, Chakra Balancing, Malas & Deities  

Single Session - 60 minutes: $150

Ayurvedic-centric Session with mind-body balancing starter kit, or detox/cleanse plan & supplies: $250

Monthly Retainer: Unlimited online counseling throughout the month, plus 2 in-person sessions: $1497 (on sale!)

Ayurvedic detox supplies:
Monthly Retainer:
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