Mantra, Meditation & Manifestation! 4-Part Online Retreat

Mantra, Meditation & Manifestation! 4-Part Online Retreat

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Welcome to your destiny!

I know that if a Type-A, stress-addict who went through cycles of INTENSE scarcity (like, negative bank balances and $8,000 in past-due bills) can learn to allow THOUSANDS of dollars to flow in spontaneously, and all the luxurious experiences you could think of, then ANYONE CAN DO IT.

It took me my whole life, 6 years of spiritual studies, and certification with Dr. Deepak Chopra in mantra, meditation and fulfillment of desires to FINALLY master manifestation! 

I've done the hard work for you and included ONLY the things that WORK in this 4-part Mantra, Meditation and Manifestation learning retreat! 

In 4 easy sessions, you will:

  • Learn the art of meditation (learn it with me once, and you will know it FOREVER!)

  • Get in touch with your true desires

  • Find out - and HEAL - the beliefs that are blocking you from manifesting them!

  • Use mantra to raise your vibrations and maintain connection with your Higher Self

  • Receive your PERSONAL MANTRA (this is intensely sacred and is your soul’s reminder to keep manifesting!)

  • Explore higher states of consciousness

  • Start manifesting your desires, and creating your new reality!

How it works:

You will be emailed four sessions which are spread out over 4 days.

Session 1 - How to meditate and use mantra | 90 minutes

Session 2 - Your personal mantra ceremony (customized to YOU!) | 30 minutes

Session 3 - Get to know your desires | 90 minutes

Session 4 - Tapping into Higher States of Consciousness for instant fulfillment of desires | 60 minutes


  • Enjoy the video recordings at your leisure in your inbox. All you need is an internet connection and email address.

  • You will send in your birth information so I can calculate your Personal Mantra, and record your customized ceremony, which comes straight to your inbox!

  • You will have the videos and PDFs to reference forever, whenever you need them!



**my guru charges $2,000.00 for a weekend retreat that teaches this course!!!

Scared to pay for abundance?

Option 1: Get a friend to sign up with you, and you both pay only $197 each (purchase the Instant Registration then I will give you $$ back when your friend signs up)!

Option 2: Commit to sharing both an Instagram post promoting this retreat and say why you’re excited, THEN post your review of the experience afterward! Get $50 back when you choose this option.

Option 3: Get a $50 refund on a full-price tuition when you leave a Google review afterward.

So are you READY to transform your life? Sign up and I'll send you a Welcome Email!

I want to personally guarantee that you will LOVE this course, and if you hate it, I will happily pay you $100. With nothing to lose...start raising your vibrations by saying a big, belly-loud YES!!!! to your best life!

Love, Amanda Jones | The Dharana Method

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