How to Manage Your Time to Include the Things you Love!

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It seems there is never enough time in the day to finish your projects, enjoy your hobbies, and give your presence to your family. Luckily, there is a way to fit it all in. 

1. Accept that some times are busier than others
It would be denial to say that you can rid yourself of "busy-ness!" There are some weeks for me where I have 3+ events, a TV appearance, family in town, etc AND my babysitter cancelled so I'm running around like a scared bunny! But then those projects pass, my babysitter is available, and I am able to tend to the needs that got pushed to the backburner. We ebb and flow in life, and the sooner we accept that BUSY is here, but RELAXATION is coming, the less we will put up resistance.

2. Wake up earlier
Everyone hates hearing this, but the most successful people wake up early for "me time" because no one can mess with it! You can workout, meditate, read, take a quiet walk, inspire yourself on name it! I love doing this because as a mom, my family steals my attention once they wake up. I really enjoy this early morning time because then I do what I WANT to do, and already feel SATISFIED with my day! Then I can lean in to the projects and household chaos with a smile on my face.

3. Meditate
There's an old saying, if you don't have time to meditate, meditate twice as long! It's true...on the days I don't meditate in my early-morning time, I feel more rushed, more scattered, and generally like I don't have time for what I want to accomplish. When I meditate in the morning, the rest of my day feels "flowy;" I tend to prioritize the things that truly matter and nurture me, and I'm more creative and focused, which helps me work quickly and also think of new ways to do things. For example:
Me, when I don't meditate:
"I miss my horse. I'm going to resent the things I have to do today because I'd rather be riding my horse, but I don't have time."
But me, after I meditate:
"I miss my horse! I'm going to go to the coffee shop after breakfast to finish this project so when my babysitter comes at noon, I can use that time to go see my horse!"
You just see the world differently and are open to new possibilities.

4. Find what matters to you, then schedule it FIRST
Just like my early morning time, where I make sure I meditate, it's important that you find the things that nurture your soul and make life worth living, and schedule those into your day. Spend time with a journal and ask yourself, "what is my heart yearning for?" or "what would I do if I had endless time and money?" So that you have soul-fueling activities that make the mundane more bearable. And pencil them in regularly, because when you're not feeding your soul, EVERYTHING suffers. Feed your soul, and everything falls into place.

If a busy mom/wife/entrepreneur can find time to nurture personal hobbies, I know you can, too! It's all about learning to say YES to what lights you up; "OK" to the things we have to do (doctor, taxes, etc)' and NO to the things we don't want to, and don't have to do!