Now Available: Ayurveda Start-up Kit and Cleanse Kits!

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What is Ayurveda? It is a system of purification and balancing practices for your body-mind, that's thousands of years old. Ever brush your teeth, cook with butter, get a massage or have an enema? You can thank Vedic sages for that!

I start you off easy with a simple Ayurvedic start-up kit that includes everything you need to purify your body throughout the week so your mind stays balanced. These are FREE when you book and Ayurvedic consultation (which includes customized meditation and yoga routine!) or just $50 (they cost me $48!) on their own.

Includes the following dosha-balancing items:

  1. Nasal/Sinus Cleansing Pot
  2. Tongue Scraper
  3. Oil Pulling Sample
  4. Organic Ghee
  5. Self-massage Skin Detox Oil

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In addition to the start-up kit, there is a small "Cleanse Kit" add-on that includes a detoxifying tea, meal recipe and all the ingredients you need. In your Ayurvedic consultation, I will walk you through the steps of this 1-3 day detox and provide you with the start-up kit AND the cleanse add-on. 

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