Limiting Beliefs, and How to Change 'Em

limiting beliefs amanda jones meditation mindfulness

This one is intense. Are you ready?

Grab a journal and a pen. Take a moment to sit quietly, and contemplate the answer to this question:

If I could do anything in life, anything at all, what would it be? If money, time, etc. were no object?

We'll call that answer "X." Write it down.

Now, contemplate the next question:

The reason(s) why I DON'T do "X" is _________.

We'll call that answer "Y." Write it down.

Congratulations! You have just found a limiting belief ("Y"). Our minds are full of them: Excuses why we can't achieve our dreams, reasons we're not good enough; ways we don't have enough or do enough. But guess what? Those are COMPLETELY re-programmable.

How do you reprogram a limiting belief? You REFRAME it.

For example, if your "X" was "travel the world," and your "Y" was "I don't have enough money," then you can reframe your limiting belief like this:

"I don't have enough money"
"I am saving $20 a week to go on my dream vacation."

So go back to your answers, and write down your newly-reframed statement. Then repeat the exercise to find more and more limiting beliefs that need bursting!

This is mindfulness at work. When we start to notice the "programming" of our mind, which has been operating beneath our awareness, we're able to take back our thought patterns; and make decisions based on our true desires....not some imposter belief.