Yoga (+ Affirmations!) to Detox Negative Emotions

Here is my latest wellness segment on KUTV 2News' Fresh Living show.

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We've known for years that stress leads to disease, which is proof that emotions have an effect on your body!

We have more proof that what we FEEL gets translated into physical symptoms: Fight-or-flight biochemicals cortisol and adrenaline are released whenever you feel scared, anxious or angry. When you are mad at someone, your fists ball up! When you are sad, your shoulders hunch and you become cold. 

It's important to become self-aware of what your body is doing while you are having an uncomfortable emotion, because if we don't remedy the emotion's effect on our body, we can cause permanent damage.

So the next time you feel an uncomfortable emotion, try some of these yoga postures and affirmations to detox the emotion before it plants dis-ease in your body.

Anxiety - Eagle pose (Affirmation: I am capable and safe)

Anger or Resentment = Upward dog or "open hearts" (Affirmation:I love myself enough to forgive)

Shame or embarrassment - Plank crunches (Affirmation: I have so many beautiful qualities!)

Any emotion - Cat/Cow (moves energy quickly), twists (literally help with elimination), and legs up the wall (relaxes)