More than meditation, more than therapy, The Dharana Method includes emotional management, Ayurveda-inspired lifestyle coaching, and deep listening to guide you towards your Highest Self.

This is the life training you've never received.

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"This technique is more effective than therapy because it immediately and directly connects you to your true self. Thrilled I get to learn from trailblazers like Amanda.

// Em Capito, lcsw & mba


Too busy to meditate?

As a busy mom myself, I've made it easy for you to learn & transform.

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DharanaFoundations | 8-Week Online Course

This is for the person who wants to know where meditation came from, why it works, and how to do it effectively as part of a regular home practice. You get all that in this easy course, plus:

• The science of sound and mantra

• Meditating on the subtle body (chakras, doshas and koshas)

• Identify and re-frame limiting beliefs

•Find your life purpose and vision statement

• The law of attraction and keys to manifesting your desires

and more. This course is the most affordable of its kind, anywhere. Comparable courses go well over $5,000!


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*Open to payment plans or trade.

Intro to Meditation Course, Including Receiving your Personal Meditation Mantra

This is for the person who has tried meditation and wants to go deeper; perhaps even progress on your spiritual path. Beginners will also jump start a personal practice by learning the most effective tool for meditation and healing: Mantra.

In this 4-part course, we will:

Pt. 1 (120 min) | Learn the neuroscience, applications and benefits of meditation, including how stress is making us old and sick, and ruining our relationships.

Pt. 2 (45 min) | Receive your life's mantra - calculated using Vedic science - in a sacred ceremony (and get a FREE mantra-engraved bracelet!)

Pt. 3 (90 min)| Discuss the practical aspects of having a daily practice.

Pt. 4 (120 minuts| Learn about higher states of consciousness (the most fun part, in my opinion!)

• In-person and virtual sessions available

• For individuals, couples or groups

Full course - $450 (open to payment plans and trade). Course happens on 4 separate days. 

Experienced meditators only: Mantra receiving ceremony by itself - $108, plus $52 for optional bracelet or keychain (men's and women's options) engraved with your personal mantra

This process is often included in our DharanaLIVE retreats, so keep scrolling to inquire about those!

Pick out your engraved item when you schedule an appointment! Preview options here:

*Open to payment plans or trade.

One-on-One Coaching

This is for the beginning meditator, who needs a firm place to start and custom instruction. This is also for a person of any skill level who is going through hardship or looking to finally live the life for which they're destined.

We meet in-person in a beautiful location or virtually, where I deeply listen and get to know all about your lifestyle, and emotional & physical wellbeing (and anything else that has been weighing on you!). I walk you through a customized meditation routine and Ayurveda-inspired lifestyle plan that you can easily implement in your own life, complete with Ayurvedic supplies to balance your dominant dosha.

$100 for session only

$150 for session, including Ayurvedic starter kit

*Open to payment plans or trade.

DharanaLIVE Learning Retreat

Imagine meditating with your own, personal guide out in pristine nature, and doing yoga every morning with panoramic views. Enjoy delicious, Ayurvedic food to balance your mind-body type while progressing on your spiritual path with informative talks by experts.

Many DharanaLIVE retreats include the "Receive Your Personal Mantra" course & ceremony, or the DharanaFoundations course, so inquire to find exactly what you're looking for.

*You can also request a private retreat for your group. Great for corporate teambuilding, family reunions or groups of friends!

Become a Certified Meditation Teacher

The best way to take your practice to the next level, and to start changing the lives of others. Experience thousands of years of wisdom, in one easy-to-follow, 12-week course.

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