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Fall Semester - Certified Meditation Teacher Training

dharana meditation teacher training certification

The Dharana Method™ certification is right for you if you want to...


  • Establish or deepen your personal practice

  • Complement your current occupation and increase client base

  • Begin career teaching meditation or increase client base

  • Take advantage of the rising popularity and availability of jobs in Meditation

  • Learn and share this ancient knowledge with others!

This certification is NOT right for you if...

  • You are an extremely disciplined and certified meditator, such as an ordained disciple, Dharma leader, or Meditation Teacher Trainer

  • You do not believe you can improve your life

  • You are unwilling to dedicate a portion of your time to a meditation practice 

Become certified in The Dharana Method™

This convenient, 12-week course is the most comprehensive and affordable meditation certificate currently available to lay (non-ordained) teachers. Grow your own compassion, focus, peace and wisdom.   

Students will develop a regular meditation practice; learning various forms of meditation, as well as their benefits and uses. Students will be able to recite meditation history, including prominent gurus and their teachings. Students will also learn to observe and heal their own negative emotions and habits, in order to help future clients with theirs. Students will then learn elements of a healthy, low-stress lifestyle in order to coach clients, as well as implement them in their own lives. Students will also memorize mantras, chakras and tenets of Ayurveda so they may be able to give future clients comprehensive tools for sustainable peace and happiness.

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