The Dharana Method - Meditation for Everyone

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Do You:

  • Feel like you're stuck in a rut?

  • Get the sense life could be so much better?

  • Think that stress, anxiety or depression are controlling your life?

  • Crave EASE, abundance, emotional peace, better health, loving relationships, and LASTING success that reflects your life's purpose?

  • Want to be in control of how you feel, physically and emotionally?

  • Want to know who you really are?

  • Yearn to grow spiritually?

  • Desire to create clear intentions, and manifest them in your life?

  • Want to heal past traumas; even the ones of which you're not aware?

The Dharana Method™will transform your life.

Within an ancient text called, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - which is revered by yogis, Hindus, Buddhists, secular meditators and many other types of seekers - the sage Patanjali records his guidelines for inner peace. The Dharana Method™ of meditation is an interpretation of one of Patanjali’s principles, Dhāraṇā, or “single focus," which founder Amanda B. Jones interpreted as the most important step in meditation during her struggle with depression. This particular method allowed Amanda to become focused in meditation, sorting through the mental clutter of thoughts and emotions, which not only allowed her to heal her depression, but also to start living her life’s true purpose. With this type of meditation, sustainable health and happiness are available to you at any moment. This transformative experience inspired her to create The Dharana Method™ Corporate Meditation, Meditation Coaching, and Certified Meditation Teacher Programs so that this method for inner peace may be utilized by all who are suffering.

Book an in-person or virtual private session, receive your Corporate Meditation Program packet or start the career of your dreams by becoming a Dharana Method™Certified Meditation Teacher, 100-hour (CMT 100-hr)!

The Dharana Method™ includes many forms of meditation, including Mantra, walking, visual and sound meditation, to name a few!

My Background

Yoga & Meditation • Amanda B. Jones is an adjunct professor of Meditation Theory & Practice, and Yoga Teacher Trainer, at Salt Lake Community College. She holds a 200-hour certification in yoga (now with the "E-RYT" designation for experience) from the University of Utah, with an emphasis on hatha yoga. This type of yoga - as well as the “life science” of Ayurveda, which she also studied - can be traced back nearly 3,000 years to a collection of ancient texts called The Vedas. The Vedas inspired traditions such as Hinduism and Buddhism, as well as a later text, non-denominational in nature, called The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (written around 300 BCE). Within this text, the sage Patanjali records his “recipes” for finding inner peace. The Dharana Method of meditation is an interpretation of one of these guidelines. Along her journey, Amanda has become an Approved Training Provider with the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists, and a certified Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider.Amanda furthers her meditation practice with frequent retreats with meditation luminary, Dr. Deepak Chopra, along with thousands of hours attending workshops on Ayurveda, Buddhism, Mindfulness and Meditation, and studying the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Eckhart Tolle, and others.

Simple, Green Living • I have studied green living and minimalism for 5 years, inspired by the books, TheGuru in You by Yogi Cameron and Gorgeously Green by Sophie Uliano. I performed a downsizing experiment, seeing if I could trim down my possessions and move our family of three (and one dog) from a 1400-square-foot suburban home to a 1000-square-foot, 1 bedroom cottage in the city (with no additional storage unit!). We downsized to a single car, trading in our family SUV for a high-quality hybrid. I corrected inefficiencies in my finances, allowing my family the freedom to afford monthly travel, organic meals delivered to my door, and other fine luxuries. The result of this experiment has been freedom - freedom to choose my own career, to travel, to enjoy luxurious living, thanks to small monthly expenses.

"These practices allowed me to heal depression and limiting beliefs, attract abundance and ease into my life, and manage chronic pain from a back injury," says Amanda. "I am a forever-student, never ceasing to discover more ways to create peace and balance in my own life, so that I may share them with other seekers like you. I would be honored to guide you toward your inner guru. Namaste."




"BEST CLASS I HAVE EVER TAKEN. Hands down. Amanda, you are a gift to this world. An absolute light. I am beyond grateful and forever changed because of your class. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

"This technique is more effective than therapy because it immediately and directly connects you to your true self. Thrilled I get to learn from trailblazers like Amanda." 
-Em, Licensed therapist

"It was 2 months ago that you literally saved my life, I thank you for being there that day you truly are a angel not only to me but to everyone that meets you, thank you again for being my angel. You are amazing; a blessing."

"I can breathe again, and my back feels better!" 

"I never post selfies because I'm too self-conscious, but {after the session} I just posted a video of me with my granddaughter!"

"Your class changed my life!"

"Thank you, Amanda! This class really has changed my outlook on life and you've taught me some great lessons! I learned so many new things and tools that I will continue to use the rest of my life."

"I love the way my body and mind seem to harmonize when I implement technics that we have learned in meditation; it takes my experience to an entirely higher level of gratification. I’m so grateful for your meditation class and everything I have learned while taking it.