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How Meditation Can Help Your Business

"Google offers classes that teach mindfulness at work. Employees reportedly have given the program rave reviews and say it increases their focus and decreases stress." - USA Today
"Mindfulness has tangible benefits. For workers, meditation lowers stress, increases mental focus, and alleviates depression. For companies, a more mindful workforce is more productive. " - New York Times Reporter David Gelles
"Researchers found that the meditation group not only had lower stress levels during the multitasking tests, but also were able to concentrate longer without being distracted." - USA Today
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The brain is not designed to multitask.

In fact, neuroscientists say it literally drains the brain’s energy reserves. So, if it’s unhealthy for employees to multitask, how can you encourage single-tasking without losing productivity? The answer is simple: Extreme focus. The Dharana Method™ is a science-based technique that cultivates concentration and strengthens your employee’s “focus muscle,” giving them tools for leadership, among all the following PROVEN benefits!

Corporate Meditation Program

12 thirty-minute sessions

Learn the art of focus, plus gratitude, purpose, vitality and more.

✓No changing clothes (or showering!)
✓No skills necessary, nor physical fitness
✓No equipment needed

✓An instructor comes to your workplace
✓There's still time to eat lunch!
✓Takes up little space (a conference room or lobby)

Corporate Meditation Retreat

2 days, one overnight

Learn the art of focus in an inspirational setting; connecting to oneself and one's teammates.

✓Structured days cover all content from 12-class Meditation Program
✓Perfect for management or new team members

✓Meet at mountain retreat cabin less than 15 miles from town
✓All meals and accommodations provided


Why Choose Us?

✔️Don’t just “feed” your team with these classes, but also “teach them to fish” for a lifetime - with or without us! Once a person learns to meditate, it is PROVEN that they then become self-motivated to maintain a positive attitude, emotional and physical health, loyalty, service, focus, gratitude, and motivation (just to name a few!).

✔️Create a culture of zen-like contentment, positivity and wellness.

✔️See fewer sick and mental health days.

✔️A wellness benefit to employees oftentimes lowers insurance costs.

✔️Increase employee productivity, resilience, creativity, problem solving, stress management, and job satisfaction

✔️Because Google, Yahoo, General Mills and thousands of other employers agree...MEDITATION WORKS!

✔️100% Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!*


*See our refund policy


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My Background

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Former TV reporter Amanda B. Jones has taught as an adjunct professor of Meditation Theory & Practice, and Yoga Teacher Training, at Salt Lake Community College. In addition to a Bachelor's degree in Communication, she holds a 200-hour certification in yoga from the University of Utah, with an emphasis on hatha yoga, including Ayurveda. Inspired by focus-based meditations that allowed her to heal depression and anxiety, Amanda founded The Dharana Method™ of meditation, and now certifies TDM teachers as an Approved Training Provider with the International Institute of Complementary Therapists, and is a certified Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider. Amanda furthers her meditation practice with frequent retreats with scientific and Vedic luminary, Dr. Deepak Chopra, along with independent study of teachers Thich Nhat Hanh, Jon Kabat-Zinn, and others.



"BEST CLASS I HAVE EVER TAKEN. Hands down. Amanda, you are a gift to this world. An absolute light. I am beyond grateful and forever changed because of your class. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

"This technique is more effective than therapy because it immediately and directly connects you to your true self. Thrilled I get to learn from trailblazers like Amanda." 
-Em, Licensed therapist

"It was 2 months ago that you literally saved my life, I thank you for being there that day you truly are a angel not only to me but to everyone that meets you, thank you again for being my angel. You are amazing; a blessing."

"I can breathe again, and my back feels better!" 

"I never post selfies because I'm too self-conscious, but {after the session} I just posted a video of me with my granddaughter!"

"Your class changed my life!"

"Thank you, Amanda! This class really has changed my outlook on life and you've taught me some great lessons! I learned so many new things and tools that I will continue to use the rest of my life."

"I love the way my body and mind seem to harmonize when I implement technics that we have learned in meditation; it takes my experience to an entirely higher level of gratification. I’m so grateful for your meditation class and everything I have learned while taking it.