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How Mindfulness Will Help Your Business


[Truly] Happier Employees.

If you want your workplace to feel more like a community and less like a floor of cubicles, mindfulness is for you. We teach employees how to feel at home in themselves. That means your people will know how to regulate stress, emotions and external situations that might otherwise cause them to feel anxious, depressed, or even physically ill. Plus, employees who practice mindfulness are proven to be more creative and motivated, as well as more willing and effective in cooperating with, or leading, a team. They also feel more loyal to your company, because they see you investing in their personal happiness; not just their productivity (although productivity is a happy byproduct!).

More [Quality] Output.

The brain is not designed to multitask. In fact, neuroscientists say it literally drains the brain’s energy reserves, resulting in stress and fatigue. So...if it’s unhealthy for employees to multitask, how can businesses encourage single-tasking without losing productivity? The answer is simple: Extreme focus. The Dharana Method® is a science-based, easy-to-learn technique that cultivates concentration and strengthens your employee’s “focus muscle,” giving them tools for getting the job done with determination, creativity and purpose.

Still Not Convinced?

✔️ Employee turnover is costly. Forbes reports that improving company culture is the best way to retain top talent.

✔️ Create loyal employees with a culture of zen-like contentment, positivity and wellness.

✔️ See fewer sick and mental health days. 

✔️ As a wellness benefit to employees, mindfulness programs can lower insurance costs.

✔️ You want to Increase employee productivity, resiliency, creativity, problem-solving, stress-management, and overall job satisfaction

✔️ Because Google, Yahoo, General Mills and thousands of other employers agree...MINDFULNESS WORKS!

✔️ 100% Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!*


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We've meditated with:

Programs we offer:

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12 Sessions of 30-minute Mindfulness Training

it takes repetition to experience the benefits of meditation, which include focus, gratitude, purpose, leadership, healthy habits and more. We teach your team and literally rewire their brains toward positivity (it's neuroscience!)

• Your place or ours!

•WE CAN ALSO INCORPORATE YOGA, alternating 6 sessions of yoga with 6 sessions of mindfulness

✓No changing clothes (or showering!)
✓Still time to eat lunch
✓No skills necessary - not even physical fitness
✓No equipment needed
✓Non-denominational philosophy

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Aquarium Yoga or Meditation Experience

teambuilding, out in the "wild!" Treat your team to a world-class experience doing:

•Shark Tunnel yoga or meditation

•Rainforest yoga or meditation

•Leopard, Penguin, SLOTH, etc. yoga or meditation

•Inspirational mindfulness talk in shark gallery

Or become a promotional partner for Yoga with the Sharks for just $250, and get FREE TICKETS for your team, plus your name on the advertising! Email us.

The Living Planet Aquarium

12033 Lone Peak Pkwy, Draper, UT


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Motivational Mindfulness Talk

60-minute presentation by dharana method founder: former tv reporter, now professor of meditation, amanda b. jones.

TONE // Fun, Interactive, Informational

TOPICS // Emotional intelligence, mindfulness/meditation, stress management, health, happiness, positivity, finding purpose, pursuing your dreams, minimalism

...or anOther topic of your choice

• host At your place, the aquarium, or on a retreat!

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Mountain Cabin Retreat

Enjoy meditation, yoga & teambuilding in an all-day or two-day retreat that builds attendees up into experts on mindfulness, healthy habits and positivity.

✓At a convenient location no more than 30 minutes from Salt Lake City.
✓All meals and accommodations provided

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What the business world is saying about mindfulness:

"Google offers classes that teach mindfulness at work. Employees reportedly have given the program rave reviews and say it increases their focus and decreases stress." - USA Today
"Mindfulness has tangible benefits. For workers, meditation lowers stress, increases mental focus, and alleviates depression. For companies, a more mindful workforce is more productive. " - New York Times Reporter David Gelles
"Researchers found that the meditation group not only had lower stress levels during the multitasking tests, but also were able to concentrate longer without being distracted." - USA Today

Read more meditation research here!

My Background

amanda jones corporate meditation mindfulness

Former TV reporter and current wellness expert for KUTV 2News, Amanda B. Jones is a corporate mindfulness & yoga instructor, motivational speaker, and adjunct professor of Meditation Theory & Practice, and Yoga Teacher Training, at Salt Lake Community College. In addition to a Bachelor's degree in Communication, she holds an "Experienced 200-hour" certification in yoga from the University of Utah, and is a personal student of Dr. Deepak Chopra, Roger Gabriel, Dr. David Frawley and Dr. Sheila Patel. Inspired by focus-based meditations that allowed her to transform her own stress, depression, anxiety, and chronic back pain, Amanda organized The Dharana Method of meditation, and is passionate about educating people in the healing practices of meditation, emotional wellness and yoga. Her work sharing this information in the community recently earned her the role of Ambassador by global company, Athleta. Amanda is an Approved Training Provider with the International Institute of Complementary Therapists, as well as a certified Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider