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My Healing Story

Ever since I was Little bubbly Amanda with bouncy blonde curls, I have presented myself to the external world as a "ray of sunshine." But it wasn't until just a few years ago that I actually felt like one, too.

My 20s were full of the chronic stress that climbing the ranks in the competitive media industry entailed (I worked as a magazine writer, then radio host, then TV feature reporter). That decade also contained plenty of the substances to cope with the stress of it all. It got to the point where I was constantly 20-30 pounds overweight, and often felt anxiety so debilitating, that I would call in sick to work. 

I knew I had to get healthy when I became pregnant. I had loved yoga for a couple years at that point, but I wanted to be my best for my son so it was time to get serious. Waddling up to my yoga trainer to to accept my Teacher Training diploma at 8-months pregnant felt awesome, because I now have the tools for healthy living. But - as I found out when I was diagnosed with postpartum depression, then suffered 6 herniated spinal discs in a car accident - I had failed to dive deep into caring for my mental health.

The antidepressants made me feel numbed out, and group therapy was comforting but I didn't feel a lasting change. I did stumble upon a very helpful herb called Kratom, but that very suddenly became taboo and hard to find, landing me back at square one. With a background in journalism, (and, like many others who have been down this road) I began researching all the scientifically proven methods of healing depression and managing chronic pain, and all roads kept leading me to meditation, and it's ancient sister-science, Ayurveda. I actually took a 4-week meditation course during Yoga Teacher Training, and really enjoyed it, so I started listening to Deepak Chopra's guided meditations on YouTube and reading his books on Ayurvedic eating and healing practices

4 years later, I look back and see how meditation not only helped me climb out of depression, but also my apparent self-loathing and anxiety! I now have the skill of regulating my own emotions. I live the right lifestyle for my "dosha" (there are three mind-body types called doshas in the "life science" of Ayurveda) that makes me feel grounded and balanced. I'm running my own socially-conscious business as well as working as a TV host and feature reporter with fewer hours. My relationships are healthy. I'm manifesting my desires (I got a horse last year after 3 decades of dreaming about it!). I have even lost and have kept off 50 pounds...effortlessly! 

No pill could heal the years of trauma, self-destructive behavior, negative attitudes and stress that had rooted itself within me. It truly took an "inside, out" approach with meditation and Ayurvedic living to finally feel at home in myself.

It is my intention that you have an even more powerful result with The Dharana Method® online courses and live experiences. Perhaps you'd even want to share healing with others, by becoming certified in what I do.

Welcome, dear friend.

Life is too good not to smile!

Life is too good not to smile!

Doing yoga in Rekjavik, the middle of January! Paying homage to my explorer ancestors.

Doing yoga in Rekjavik, the middle of January! Paying homage to my explorer ancestors.

My Official Bio

  • TV Host on KSTU Fox13

  • Actor, Spokesperson, Model

  • Keynote Speaker (Mindfulness, Meditation, Emotional Wellness, Green Living)

  • Athleta Ambassador

  • Vedic / Mantra meditation teacher who studied under Dr. Deepak Chopra, Roger Gabriel, Vamadeva Shastri (Dr. David Frawley), Dr. Shiela Patel, Yogi Shambhavi, and other amazing teachers.

  • Yoga Teacher: E-RYT 200-HR, Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider

  • Founder, Meditation Teacher Trainer and Public Educator at The Dharana Method

  • Founder of Yoga with the Sharks at the Living Planet Aquarium, raising awareness for sharks and marine life while promoting mental and physical wellbeing.

  • Adjunct instructor of Meditation Theory & Practice, and Yoga Teacher Training, at Salt Lake Community College

  • Registered Meditation Teacher and Meditation School with Canadian Yoga Alliance.

  • Approved Training Provider of the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists

  • Social & environmental change advocate: Environmentalism, universal income, equality for all, animal welfare

Amanda B. Jones turned her struggle with anxiety, depression and a back injury into a life of peace and freedom with meditation, Ayurvedic living and minimalism. Amanda has seen these simple methods lead to remarkable transformation, not just in her own life, but also those of clients and audiences throughout the world. A longtime student of the Vedic tradition (from whence yoga, meditation & Ayurveda came), Amanda founded The Dharana Method of meditation, which includes her 12-week Certified Meditation Teacher training, in an effort to empower others to change their lives and share mindful living with others. As a person who puts empathy and inclusion first, Amanda has dedicated her life to spreading wellness to people of all body types, ages, conditions, skill-levels and backgrounds.

A TV host and reporter who spent a decade as a journalist, Amanda took a sabbatical to pursue studies in ancient healing practices after the birth of her baby. These studies lead her to become an adjunct professor of Meditation Theory & Practice, and a Yoga Teacher Trainer, at Salt Lake Community College. Also, Amanda has become an Approved Training Provider with the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists, and a certified Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider. Along the way, she founded a series of fundraising events at The Living Planet Aquarium, including Yoga with the Sharks and Rainforest Yoga, which captured the hearts of the media and the public alike. When Amanda is not studying, speaking, teaching or working as a TV host, she enjoys bonding with her horse on trail rides, cuddling with her dogs and preschooler son, enjoying the Arts and traveling with her husband, Chris. 

Chopra-certified Primodial Sound Meditation Instructor

Chopra-certified Primodial Sound Meditation Instructor

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